Jack of All Notes | Privacy & Terms

April 20, 2017

Account information

We collect a name, an email address and password for the sole purpose of allowing you to access Jack of All Notes, and to allow you to share with others.

Display Name

This is publicly viewable for the purpose of sharing your collections and notes with others you know. You don’t have to use your full name, or even your real name.

Email address

Your email address is used to sign into your Jack of All Notes account, and for password resets. You may receive emails related to your collections and notes you create depending on their type and function.

Your email address is used to help others share with you. It is not displayed publicly. The invitee must enter it exactly in order to add you to their project.

Your email is not shared with any 3rd party advertisers.

Account termination

You may delete your account at any time. Please note that deleting your account removes all data and any active subscriptions will be canceled.

Your data is yours, always

We do not claim ownership over anything you create with Jack of All Notes. Your data is yours. Always.


We do not search through the content you add to Jack of All Notes, unless required to by law.

We do not search through your data for any reason. It’s none of our business!


We use Google Analytics to track basic usage of Jack of All Notes. We receive basic information such as IP address and approximate location based on that IP address.

Subscriptions & Payments

We use Stripe for subscription payments. At no point is credit card information stored on our servers.


This is a living document and is subject to change at any time. If the changes drastically impact your rights, we will notify you in advance.

This service is meant to help you, not steal your data or your rights. People first, always.

Terms of Use

Acceptable Use

Don’t try to exploit the system or purposefully cause service degradation for others.

Don’t use Joanus to plot harm against others.