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Create checklists for everything, from recipes to shopping lists to your weekly sprints, and more.

From 4 inches to 4k and beyond

Overlist is designed to work on every size of display, from the smallest, to the absolute largest. No, really. Maximize your window and take it all in!

Live syncing

No more pull to refresh. You and everyone you share with will see updates instantly. Collaborate in real time.

Unlimited Sharing

Share your favorite recipe, or just your tasks for the week with friends and co-workers.

Share with everyone, no limits, and no forced social sharing.

Keep forever

Go beyond the short term. Categorize and archive your favorite checklists forever.


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Platform & Compatibility

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Story & Design

I built Overlist to escape the design limitations of modern to-do list apps, and to think differently of how and why we use checklists. With most to-do apps, I often find myself having to jump back and forth between multiple related lists. Sub-tasks always felt too cumbersome, or hidden behind unnecessary clicks. I needed a way to see all of those lists and tasks at the same time without click, click, clicking so much.

After about 10 minutes of searching for an app that could do this, I went back to paper and filled it edge to edge with all of my tasks for that week. It worked well, but as with all things paper, it starts piling up and then becomes a pain to organize and share.

Eventually I decided that, if I couldn't find an app to do this, I'd just build myself. I would build an app with the feel of paper, where content flows, and fills its space as it would if you wrote it yourself. An app that tried its best to bring work out of shadows and lay everything on the table and show you the full scope of your projects.

I designed Overlist as a better checklist for projects small to large, personal or professional. As a place where you may share the work with friends, family, and teammates. So bring your shopping lists, your weekly agile sprint, your favorite curry recipe, anything and everything you need to remember.

Overlist is here for your lists of anything and everything.

Happy list making,
Mike Murray

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